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Sadness and rage

It was like a terrible rerun of 9/11.

The teachers all knew that a school had been violated by a madman, that teachers and children were lying dead in their classrooms while police and frantic parents searched desperately to find out what was happening.  The teacher in our school moved through the day in dazed grief, and in fear.  And we all had the same thought in our heads.

“If it happens here, will I react with courage?  How will I save my students?”

For me the fear and anxiety were compounded by the fact that my daughter teaches in our building.  I wasn’t able to find her, to see her and hold her and reassure us both that we were safe, but my heart ached for her all day, knowing that she, too, was thinking these terrible thoughts.

And just like on 9/11, the teachers held ourselves together, swallowed our tears and kept the day both normal and safe for our students.  The kids knew nothing; they laughed and played and yawned and did their math.  They had no idea that the world had gone insane, and that little ones just like themselves were lying dead in the meeting area, next to the alphabet charts, under the pictures of finger painted pine trees.

Today I am trying to come to terms with this, like everyone else in the country. I am trying to find an explanation, but there isn’t one.

People become mentally ill, they lose their reason, they become evil, they are possessed by rage and depression, they want desperately to die but they don’t want to die alone.

And we live in a country where assault weapons, Uzi’s, Sig Sauers, Kalashnikovs are sold at roadside sales, like fresh corn. “Gun shows” are a big hit here, where anyone who hasn’t committed a murder yet can stroll up, lay down some cash and walk out with enough weapons and ammunition to massacre an entire school auditorium of children in less time than it would take to pull the fire alarm.

Yay, America.  Aren’t you proud?

I have tried really hard to take the arguments of the NRA and its minions seriously, but I find that despite my best efforts, they are all simply full of shit.   Still, let’s try to look at each point logically, shall we?

In answer to the question of why there are no federal laws banning automatic and semi-automatic weapons in this country, we get these gems.

1. Responsible gun owners shouldn’t be punished for the actions of a few criminals.

Denying you the right to own a weapon whose only purpose to kill as many humans as possible in as little time as possible is not a punishment. It is common sense.   I am a very responsible person who would never willingly hurt another human; does that mean that if I promise to handle my explosives responsibly I should be allowed to set them off in my back yard? Or store them in the shed? Of course not.  Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE DANGEROUS AND THEY SERVE NO USEFUL PURPOSE.

2. People enjoy shooting for pleasure.  If they are responsible, what’s wrong with that?

  People also enjoy sitting around roaring campfires in July.  But its not legal when the weather is too dry.  People enjoy driving 100 miles an hour when the roads aren’t too crowded, and I don’t have to tell you that that isn’t allowed, do I?

3. Guns can keep us safe from intruders.

Find me ONE instance of a homeowner or business owner using an assault weapon to stop an intruder.  One.  I looked, and I can’t find one.    And explain to me exactly how it would have helped in this case if the teacher had actually carried a loaded gun.  Would she have had to keep it on her person, or would she have kept it in her desk? In a classroom full of five year olds, I would think she would have to keep it locked up. For those of you who don’t spend all day with children, listen to this: We have to keep the adult scissors up and out or reach, and the paper cutters have locks on them.  We wouldn’t keep our loaded guns within easy reach as we read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” to the class.

4. Now that there are so many guns around, there would be no way to get them back. People would refuse to turn them in.

Really?   If that’s true, that if a federal law was passed making these murder weapons illegal, all those gun owners would refuse to obey that law, then I GUESS THEY AREN’T REALLY RESPONSIBLE ADULTS, NOW ARE THEY?

I don’t love the idea of a heavy handed federal government, I really don’t.  But you know what?  The US managed to find and kill Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.  The police somehow manage to stop people from gathering in large crowds to hold protests, they corral people and throw them in jail for walking across  bridges and blocking traffic.  I have faith in their ability to gather up the guns and punish those who disobey the federal gun laws.

I would love to see all of the guns, all of them, every stinking, smoking, baby killing one them, gathered up and melted down.

And made into a statue of a teacher trying to hold 25 children in her arms and keep them safe.

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