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I have an idea!!

I have a wicked good idea!

I have been a good little teacher for the past couple of years, doing my best to follow orders (mostly) and to teach to the prescribed Common Corp Standards. I have even learned to capitalize those words as if they are The Word of God.

I have a nicely packaged kit for teaching math, complete with enough redundancy to have tripled its cost.  I use my lovely spiral bound boxed set for teaching reading and my shiny packaged writing program.  My classroom has been equipped with a big red box full of history materials, including a class set of laminated maps. Even though we have a giant Smartboard. With Google Earth access.

So I have been thinking about all these expensive packaged teaching kits.  See,we didn’t have these things five years ago (before The Common Core Standards). Now we do.  Now our district, and every district around us, is pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into getting all of these scripts and packages and laminated maps and spiral bound lists of Questions for Comprehension.  I have been thinking about all of this. And I realized something very interesting.

Somebody is making a boatload of cash off of the this stuff.

Why not me?  Why not get on the old bandwagon and come up with a package of my own that I can sell to every school in the United States?

Why not indeed?

So I have begun work on my Big Idea.  I will call it

“Happy Classrooms in the Age of the Common Core Standards”.

Chapter 1 will teach teachers how to do amazing and revolutionary things like

  • Take the time to talk to the kids in the morning
  • Give them notebooks, let them decorate them and tell them “Go write a fun story”
  • Throw away the rubric and ask the kids to share their stories
  • Laugh with the kids every day
  • Go out for recess and have fun
  • Paint

As long as I can put it in a shiny, pretty package, maybe it will sell.  Maybe I will get rich.  Then I can quit my job and open a school where the kids have fun and the teachers are smiling.

Huh.  What an idea.




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