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What more do they want?

I am so tired.

I have spent the past 14 hours prepping, teaching, conferencing and correcting.   I have addressed math, reading, spelling, science, social interactions, recess, special education modifications, homework assistance and technology skills.

On my way home, I listed to the radio.  There was quite a lot of talk about the horrific shooting in Nevada yesterday.  About the twelve year old boy who shot and killed a teacher before killing himself with a shot to the head.

I didn’t hear one single comment about how society should be stepping up to help the teachers who have to deal with yet another dead colleague, killed while trying to take a gun away from an angry young man (boy).  Nope.  But I heard plenty of speculation about bullying, and more than a little talk about how schools have failed to prevent violence.

Yep. Let’s just keep blaming the victims.  That always works.

Tonight I read my local paper, the Boston Globe. I read about the recent suicides of two young teen aged girls in an upper middle class community in our state.  Both girls had struggled with depression, and both chose to end their lives.

Parents and siblings in the community got together to address the issue of suicide and to try to cope with the horror of what has happened.

I read about how critical the parents are of the school district. One complained that the schools were not addressing suicide directly enough.  Another complained that the schools were bringing too much attention to the issue, and were glamorizing it.

I didn’t see one single comment where the parents, friends, family or community looked at themselves or their behavior or asked what role they may have played in the deaths.   I didn’t see one single suggestion that perhaps the community at large could be reaching out to the teachers to try to help them to deal with the deaths.

I am just so damn tired.

When did society decide that schools are responsible for academics, study skills, money skills, nutrition, moral education, sex education, bullying prevention, mental health, suicide prevention, conflict resolution, sustainability, civics, technology education and career planning?

Parents, here is a news flash: I get your kid for 6 1/2 hours a day.  You get him for 17 1/2.    I get to influence him for 9 months; you get that influence for 20 years or more.

I can’t make your child happy, secure, safe, confident, self-assured, organized, peaceful, non-confrontational, healthy, ecofriendly or smart.

I’m just one teeny tiny piece of the great tapestry that will become your child’s life.  I am not a priest, a doctor, an environmentalist, a nutritionist, a shaman, a magician or a confessor.  I am not a cop.

Please share the burden with me. Please let me teach math and reading and history.

Please don’t ask me to right all the wrongs in the world, and please, please, please:

Don’t blame me or my colleagues when things to horribly wrong for your child or for her friends.

It takes a village.  A whole village. Not just the village school.

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