I have been an educator for more than twenty five years. I was a speech/language specialist in private practice, private schools, hospitals and finally public school (for 12 years). I have been teaching fifth grade for seven years.

I am caught up in all of the pressures of testing, curriculum change and deep budget cuts.

I served on my local school committee for four years, negotiating contracts with teachers and paraprofessionals.   I am confused and conflicted about teacher’s Unions.



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  1. I’m so glad I came across your blog-as an educator it is always great to come across others in the same career path. I have just started my journey. I look forward to following your great posts.


    • Well, I’m so glad you came across it, too! And welcome to the journey! It is so great to have the support of others out there, don’t you think?


  2. I stumbled upon your blog and I’m enjoying reading your posts. I, too, am an educator (currently on leave) and I’m really feeling your words.


    • I’m glad that you stumbled my way! What do you teach? Are you on leave for long? I will check out your blog to find out!!


      • I teach 9-12, English and Business. I have one more year of maternity leave (I took an extended time). I’ll be going back next August. I’m so loving this time I have with my not-so-little guy!

  3. I so enjoyed reading the Me/Perky dialogue. I am an author and illustrator deeply concerned about what I see as I travel the country visiting public schools. HELP?! is right! I don’t know what to do but model the most creative behavior I can…I read your piece via Diane Ravitch’s blog…write me sometime: hit contact on my website: Debra Frasier


    • HI, Deb!
      I love your books; just bought “On the Day You Were Born” for a friend and her new baby. And in a funny coincidence, I decided to set my kids free to write purely for fun last week. We called it “Flash Fiction” and I gave them only four writing sessions to get it done. They needed a main character and were asked to use dialogue to show character traits and to create the conflict. I showed a slide show of a bunch of random photos as prompts. One student wrote from a photo of one of my dogs and created a fabulous first person story with humor, voice, action and a clear resolution. So obviously, I plan to use your “Dog’s voice” activity next year!
      Thanks for reading my blog and for taking the time to comment!


  4. Hi! I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! I enjoy your blog and hope you continue writing.


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