Its another “do over”

This is why I love to teach.

Every year is a “do over”.  The mistakes of last year are gone. The slate is clean, the pencils are sharp, the bulletin board paper is unscathed.

I can look back on last year, and every year before it, and I can see how much I have grown as a teacher, as an adult, as a Mom, as a human.

I love this back to school tension.

But it makes me sad, too.

I envy those Moms who are setting out the new backpacks and new sneakers.  The ones who bought juice boxes and Goldfish crackers and string cheese.  I envy them the slightly clinging embraces of their children this week, as they contemplate the time apart.

I miss those first days of school as a Mommy, I do.  I miss the rush and the bustle and the last big dinner before we all head back into the fray.

If I cast my mind back even farther, I miss the days when my sister Liz and I would carefully hang up our new wool skirts and our new fall colored sweaters, ready for the next morning. I miss the feeling of seeing my friends again after the horrible long stretch of summer days without them.

I am lucky. I am a teacher.  I don’t have to miss those clean new notebooks and those shiny new pens. I have them! I don’t have to miss the night-before butterflies or the headache that invariably comes with the confusion of the very first day.

I find myself perched with tingling anticipation this year.  I miss the start of the year for my own little ones, but I am so incredibly eager to find myself surrounded once again by all the energy and optimism and laughter of a new batch of kids who I can happily call “mine” for the next nine months.

Happy First Day of School, to all the kids, Moms, Dads and teachers out there!


4 responses to this post.

  1. I too will be heading back for a new year at the preschool I assist at and I appreciate your anticipation and positive perspective! Best of Luck for the first weeks.


    • I am reminded every year of the scene from “You’ve got mail”, where Meg Ryan puts the handful of freshly sharpened pencils into the cup.
      I love the “do over” part of being a teacher! What other profession has a clear “beginning” and “end” to the year?
      I wish you a wonderful year, too! May the flu be light and the hugs be many!


  2. I remember sweltering in those new wool clothes until the Boston weather caught up with my back-to-school wardrobe. But I wouldn’t have been caught dead in summer clothes!
    Isn’t it just me or did this summer fly by especially fast? Wasn’t it just Memorial Day five minutes ago?


    • Oh, me, too! I still sometimes do that: wear the nice warm sweater on a cool morning, pretending that it won’t hit 80 by noon!

      This was such a full summer for us that it sort of seems long to me. I’m ready to be back!


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