It happens every August.


It happens every year.

As the perennial flowers turn from pink to gold, as the very tips of the maples begin to darken toward red, everything changes.

My love of the long empty days begins to wane, and I start to feel just a little bit itchy.  The garden is set for the year; it will either produce or it won’t.  Too late to worry.  All of the postponed doctor visits have been done. The basement is clean, the closets are organized, the indoor plants have had a nice bath to wash off the dust of the past year.  I’ve even taken apart and cleaned all of the window fans!

The days are growing slowly but inexorably shorter.  Summer is past its peak.

And inside of me, another shift is taking place. Slowly but just as surely as summer fades away, my heart starts to look forward to being with children again.

I start to notice groups of kids laughing at the library.  I start to dream of last years’ kids, and kids from years ago.  I start to wonder about who will be in my class this year.  I start to look forward to morning meeting, and to recess.  Memories of reading aloud on rainy days come back to me, feeling so safe and comfortable and warm.

How lucky am I, huh?  I get to have two months off to rest and recharge my batteries, and that’s a real gift. But what is even better, I think, is that even after all these years, I still look forward to each new year with real excitement.

Bring on the fall colors!  I’m ready!


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