Schools for Sale!!!

Oh, my flippin’ God.

This is beyond disgusting.

I just found this website on a post from the Badass Teacher’s Association.

Before you click on the link, please think about this.  My 30 years of teaching experience and my Master’s Degree and my 56 hours of graduate credit beyond that degree will be of no importance to me at all once we go to the proposed teacher evaluation system where my salary and my standing will be almost entirely dependent upon the scores that my students earn on the latest standardized tests.

Please understand that my daughter’s financial stability and job security as a teacher will depend upon the students’ scores on these tests.

And before you check this link, try to grasp the fact that students who don’t speak English, students who are autistic, students who are deaf, students who are oppositional/defiant and students who are homeless and hungry will all be tested on the same Pearson Corporation standardized test.

Now that you know all that, click on this link. Read for yourself about exactly how the damn tests are going to be scored.

To quote my students, “Seriously, dude?”  Any recent college grad with a degree in philosophy or biology or comparative religions can earn 12 bucks an hour scoring the essays that will be used to decide my fate?

Are. You. Fucking. Serious.

Read it.  Then weep.


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