April Fools!!!

Oh, man I love April Fools Day.

The kids came in at their usual time, to see our typical morning message on the Smartboard.

Good morning!  I think you’ll find this math review paper to be fun and challenging.  Try to work independently; I am sure you’ll remember the formulas from last year!”  They all came in, handed in homework, put away binders and settled in to do the math.

Which was a college level calculus paper.

Oh, funny, funny me!!!!

It took a few minutes, but pretty soon everyone was giggling and snickering and I was desperately trying to hold onto my serious old teacher lady face. I got the best answers to these problems.  Things like, “I know the answer, but I can’t tell you.”   and “There are x number of weird symbols.  Minus something.”

Eventually, one of the kids noticed the daily schedule written on the board, and the giggles got louder.

Before School Work

Morning Meeting

Math Test

Spelling Test

Reading Test

Music Test


Lunch Test

Ballroom Dancing


Random Comments

Bus Test

They chortled and snorted and I thought I was the best. teacher. ever.

Then came morning meeting.  One child signed up for sharing, and told us that her father took a bad fall last night and was rushed to the hospital. She gave very specific medical details about his injury, inspiring gasps, moans of sympathy and  a truly heartfelt, “Oh, honey! Give him our very best!” from me.  She kept her head down, her shoulders slumped. She was the very picture of a worried little girl.  “Oh, and I forgot to tell you,”, she added.  She lifted her head with a devilish grin. “Pranked!!!!!”  The whole class burst into laughter, including me.

We had a false technical emergency today.  I found a plastic iguana in my water glass.  I dealt with a pretend head injury and a made-up best friend fight.

The kids, in turn, were given a fake spelling test (with the words “cardiology” and “tardive dyskinesia” on the list) and a pretend homework assignment to memorize the foreign dictionary of their choice.

I am not sure that we “advanced toward the standards” today.  We may not have engaged in 21st century learning or mastered any of the Common Core.

But you know what?

We had fun. We learned not to take ourselves so seriously.  We looked at each other and giggled.  We were happy to be in school.

# Evaluate that, you stupid ed reform idiots.


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