Paranoia runs deep

So I was just over on the Badass Teachers Facebook page.  I love those crazy radicals, you know?  The fringe movement of 40,000 educators who think that all this testing is a very bad idea.   They claim that there are powerful corporate interests at work in the current insane push to implement the Common Core State Standards and the PARCC testing.

You know the interests I mean.  The ones who have created the standards.  The same ones who are selling the curriculum aligned to the standards and  who are also marketing the tests.  Those  corporate interests.  The ones with Bill Gates and Pearson Corp. in the lead.

So on the BATs page I was reading about a conference being held this weekend in Denver, including parents and teachers who oppose the imposition of all of these standards and tests.  The conference was being livestreamed on Ustream.   I guess the intention was to allow parents to make informed decisions about what kind of testing they allow their kids to participate in.

But guess what?

During the conference, the livestream site was hacked and the broadcasting was stopped.  At pretty much the same time, the Badass Teacher’s Association website was hacked and shut down.


I’m not often a conspiracy theorist, honest.  But this strains even my naivete.

Parents, teachers, administrators, freedom loving Americans everywhere, please, please, please do some research!

Who is behind the movement to have every American child take computer based tests every single year of public school life?  Bill Gates, that’s who.

Who is behind the push to have every single child in every single classroom learning the exact same lessons from the exact same shiny boxed curriculum kits? Pearson Corporation, that’s who.

Please remember: Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that they aren’t out to get you.

Go to United Opt Out and The Badass Teachers Association and Fair Test.

But wait a bit. They seem to be “down for maintenance” right now.


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  1. Too bad Bill Gates wasn’t obsessed with Finland…


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