Oh, the irony…..

I just watched the local news.

Education seems to be a pretty hot topic.

First there was a story about how terrible it is that parents aren’t all able to enroll their kids in Charter Schools. Oh, woe is us!  We want to be able to send our kids to schools where their education won’t be watered down by all those nonEnglish speakers and all those Sped Kids. We want the teachers to be available 24/7 without the protection of a contract or collective bargaining!  And those nasty public school types are thwarting our dreams by complaining about all of the money that is being drained away from their classrooms by the Charter School funding formula.

Then there was a commercial for a new program designed to make math learning “fun”!  We were urged, as parents, to ask for that program in our schools. We were encouraged, as teachers, to order it for our classrooms.

It’s a Raytheon product.

I was in the process of creating a Google Presentation on the multiplication of fractions when I caught the ad.  Gee, maybe I should just pay some of my hard earned money to corporate America the next time I need a good lesson. Save myself some time and creative effort.

Finally, the pretty young news lady turned to the camera with a serious face.  She had just one more education story.  I put aside my pile of corrections so that I could concentrate.  This one seemed to be really important.

It was a story about school shootings.  About the increasing threats to our classrooms every day.  This story was about a new phone app that will allow teachers to text the police department directly when the crazy man with the gun comes bursting in to shoot up the meeting area.

Um.   I’m not sure that I’ll actually be up to texting as I throw my body over my cowering students in the event of a shooting.

Thanks for the thought, though.

I turned off the TV, grabbed my pile of corrections and lesson plans and poured myself a nice glass of Shiraz.

What a flippin’ mess.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I had to think long and hard about bringing this up, but, in the end, I felt you should see this:


    • No worries; I knew about this horror from my friends in the Badass Teachers Association….We are trying to publicize the corporate takeover of education. Diane Ravitch is our hero! (and she linked one of my blogposts on HER blog, so I had a tiny brush with fame….)


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