Reblogged from the Tattooed Teacher

This blog sums up what every single teacher that I know is thinking:

“An angry teacher speaks”

If you are a teacher, a parent, a child advocate or anyone else who loves and respects children, please read this post.


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  1. Something for you…


    • Ugh.
      So incredibly unfunny.


      • Reality is getting harder and harder to laugh at…

      • This has been the most discouraging year of my 30 year career. I can’t imagine how much sadder and demoralized teachers can become. I literally do not know ONE happy teacher right now, and I am in a district that is successful, well supported and well funded. I was in tears for hours after school on Tuesday; my 28 daughter was in tears on Wedsday. Both after attending meetings about the newest round of expectations, demands and initiatives related to the Common Core. I wish that non-teachers would rise up and defend us.

      • It sounds like your family and friends are emotionally supportive — perhaps you need to ask them to do something physically, as well…?

        I realize it doesn’t help you locally, but those of us who know you from the Internet send our love, prayers, and friendly thoughts. Plus, I think most of us would be willing to write letters and make phone calls if that will help. Ask and you shall receive — you’re too nice a person to go through this on your own…

      • Oh behalf of all of the great teachers out here inn the trenches, thank you!
        Please please please spread the word that the Common Core standards are a huge money making effort, that the tests are unfair, and the the teacher evaluations are subjective, unfair and completely demoralizing. Please write to your representatives.
        I have seen four teachers (me included) huddling in corners and sobbing our hearts out this week. And I am in a successful, relatively progressive district in a state with test scores that far surpass the national average.
        It is just so awful.

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