A Prayer to Gods of the School Year

It’s that time of year once again.  Time to peel the names of last year’s kids off of the mailboxes and attach the names of the new kids.  Time to unpack 8 boxes of books and vow to keep the classroom library more organized this year.  Time to review the new……well, the new everything.  August is the month of new curriculum, new standards, new tests, new evaluation procedures, new technology, new policies, new materials and new local/state and federal mandates.

August is also the time of the annual Prayer to the Gods of the School Year. I offer this prayer now, on this lovely sunny morning, on what may well be my last chance to be well rested until Christmas vacation rolls around.

“Dear Great Educational Spirits,   

Hear the plea of this, your most humble servant.  

Please grant me and my students a happy, healthy school year. Please keep us all safe.

I pray that you give me the patience to calmly explain why it is not a good choice to jump over your desk when you are asked to line up for recess.  Please give me the sense of humor to laugh at myself when I forget how to do a math problem involving probability.

 I pray that you grant me full control of my facial muscles, so that my internal reactions to “Owww!  I just whacked my nutsack!” and “Wait, where do we put the homework?” both look the same .  Oh, and I pray that those facial muscles convey total calm and serenity. All day.

Oh, Great Spirit, 

May the copy machine remain my friend; may it refrain from eating the 5 page research assignment of which I need 25 copies.  May it hold onto its toner when I am in the middle of running off 80 copies of the permission slip that has to go out today.

May my SmartBoard light stay lit, and may my contact with Tech Support be limited.

May our annual three day nature campout in the mountains be free of rain, snow, ice pellets and swine flu (you remember THAT year, don’t you?)

May the parents in my class understand that I am just a tired middle aged lady who is giving it my best, and may they not expect me to reply to every email within an hour.  

May the pencil supply last all year!  May the math books arrive on time and the history texts be right where I put them in June.

May my aging desk chair retain its wheels.

May our science experiments thrive, but not with mold.  

May the heat in the room remain somewhere between 60 and 80 degrees, at least on most days.

Great spirit, I pray that you will grant me a group of kids who are curious enough to get me thinking, mischievous enough to keep me on my toes, comical enough to have us all laughing as we learn, active enough to make sure that we go outside a lot and just cute enough for me to overlook all of the little things.  

Actually, oh God of Public School, that last part was probably not necessary.  It seems to me that you always send me a group fitting that description, which is why I always come back in the fall.

So instead let me pray that you give me the physical, mental and emotional strength to give each one of my students my very best, every day. May you surprise me with joy when I look at them, and may you fill me up with a little extra love so that I won’t run out before next June.



5 responses to this post.

  1. I love it! But “may the pencil supply last all year?” Unless you truck your pencils in, I can’t imagine this one coming true.


  2. And don’t forget to pray for this skill:


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