Timing is everything

If you are a teacher, you will totally understand this post.

If you not a teacher, I beg you: Please try to understand this post!

It is June. I have just finished a month of final assessments; creating spreadsheets of final scores; meeting with colleagues to create three balanced classes for next year’s teachers; ordering new books- supplies-bugs/fish/weeds; reassuring anxious children and setting up twenty-five end of year conferences.

To make this year a bit more challenging, our school has decided to reorganize so that all of the grade level classrooms will be located side by side. It will be good for us to be so close together, but it means that I have had to pack up every single books, toy, game, map, pen, pencil, paper clip, elastic band, bandaide, cup, marker, crayon, leggo, science kit and tennis ball in my classroom.  I have had to organize it all, throw things away, recycle things and carefully mark all of the boxes with their contents plus my name and new room number.

And I have done all of this while practicing a class play, finishing the history unit, reviewing math concepts, meeting with special education staff and reassuring anxious children.

Tonight is Sunday night; I am heading into my last full week of the school year.  I have spent all weekend writing personal notes to my twenty five students, finishing report cards and writing one last special ed report. I have 18 conferences set up for this week, as well as six performances of the play that my kids have written, directed and performed.

I will be at school for approximately 55 hours this week, and that doesn’t include my hour and half per day on the road to and from.

And this is not all that unusual.

So what is the point of this post, you ask?  As teachers, we all understand that this is a 24/7 job, you say?

Well……I was on the phone with a friend the other day.  We haven’t seen each other for a bit, and we were catching up on the various events in our lives. We were talking about our young adult children.  And she told me that her daughter was about to take the state teaching tests.  I was delighted, because the young lady in question is smart, funny, strong, and empathetic. She has an undergrad degree from a very prestigious private university.  She would make an outstanding teacher.

But as I was expressing all of this to the Mom, she said, “I told her that this is the kind of job she needs!  She’s a single mom, you know? She needs a job that doesn’t have that many hours.”

I didn’t screech. That’s all I can say.


8 responses to this post.

  1. It’s OK – I shrieked for you.


    • Thank you!!!
      Reminds of a time when I was my son’s High School hockey game, and I wasn’t all pumped up about it. Another Mom asked if I was OK. “Just tired”, I said, “Long week at work.” She thought for a minute. “But I thought you were a teacher?”


  2. There are worse things. I ran across this nice little blog, and thought this might put things in perspective for you:


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