Well, huzzah!

I just read the front page of the Boston Globe, and I am beyond excited!  Beyond euphoric! I am dancing on my tippy toes all around my kitchen in the dark before the dawn!

By now I am usually on my way to my classroom to plan lessons in math and science, and to correct essays and respond to reading journals and photocopy reams of leveled non-fiction texts so that I can teach what used to be called “reading.”

But not this morning, no sir! This morning I am just enjoying a brief time out to do the happy dance.

Why, you ask?

Well, because any minute now, politicians and “education leaders” across the nation are going to start singing the praises of our “successful schools” and our “highly skilled teachers”.  Of course they are!

See, a report came out today explaining that students in Massachusetts outscore most of the rest of the world on a test of science and math.  You can read the article right here if you don’t believe me!

Let me repeat: Our students scored higher on this standardized test THAN MOST OF THE REST OF THE WORLD.

And even thought this is only one test, given one time, to a random group of kids, I know that it will be used to measure the success of every teacher and every school throughout the Commonwealth.

I know this because for the past twelve or so years I have been reading and hearing about “our failing schools” and “lack of qualified teachers” because one set of test scores has been used to measure us all with one ruler.

So here I am, risking a slipped disc as I boogie my way around the house, coffee cup in hand.   I just can’t wait to start basking in the accolades now that we know that every school and every teacher in our state are paragons of educational virtue.


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