It’s almost time

Its the last week of summer vacation for me. The last trip to the beach, the last late night movie, the last few days to sleep until my body wakes me up.


Its the last chance to get myself all rested and ready for another year.

I just got my class list, and its time to spring into action!

On my “to do” list today?

1. Create this year’s “Interview a Classmate”  form (it needs revisions).

2. Make a class list to use when I check off homework assignments.

3. Double check my purchase orders to make sure that they all went out in June.

4. Make a birthday chart for the year.

5. Draft my “Welcome” letter to the kids, to be sent out next week.

Its the last week of summer, and its time to buy my annual new pair of Dansko’s, so that my feet won’t ache as I walk around the classroom.  Its time to find a nice neutral sweater to hang on the back of my chair so that I’ll be ready when the temperature in the classroom fluctuates by 20 degrees.  Its time to dig out the lunchbox and start thinking about healthy, low calorie snacks and lunches.

Its the very last week of my annual summer vacation.  As I stand on my deck, coffee cup in hand, looking into the bright green forest, I breathe deep and hold onto the feeling of relaxation and calm that comes with summer mornings.

In the next eight days, I will rest up, prune trees and shrubs, finish cleaning the closets that I started in June, and then I will rest again. I want to go into this school year as healthy and fit and happy as I possibly can, because these 23 new kids deserve a teacher who can keep up with them in every way.

Its the last week of summer.  A new school year is just around the corner.  And you know what?

I can’t wait.


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