Dear new crop

I have spent the past two days in our classroom, dragging desks around, lugging bookcases into place, unpacking boxes of books.  I have cleaned your cubbies, put your names on your mailboxes, scrubbed our sink and set out newly sharpened pencils.

The room is clean. The desks are in neat little groups of six.  My desk top is organized, clean, and free of coffee stains and crumbs.  The white board gleams and lovely new dry erase markers await our use.  I am SO ready to finally meet you!

Every late summer, as I look through the new books and sharpen the new pencils, I am reminded of the days before my children were born.  Then, as now, I cleaned and organized and got all of the new items set up and ready for use.  Then, as now, I got tired of waiting, and antsy and restless to just get the show on the road.

I am truly, honestly looking forward to meeting you. I want to see your faces, learn your likes and dislikes, get to know your little quirks.  I can’t wait for the moment when we are all gathered in the meeting area, ready to share stories and play a game together.  I wonder what games you’ll like the best.  Will you all love “Alibi”, like last year’s kids? Or will you be big fans of “Wink Sleeper”, like the year before last?  I bet you’ll teach me a new game that will become “our” game!

I’m ready.  I’m nervous!  I hope you’ll like me. I hope you won’t be disappointed that you got the “old” teacher.  I am anxious and excited. I’ve already picked out my “first day of school” outfit.

Enjoy these last few days of summer.  I have so many great things planned for all of us……

See you next week, new crop of kids!  It’s going to be so much fun to get to get to know and love you.


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